Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Paint

Maak Impex Pvt Ltd. Has launched Anti-viral –Smart Colours Paints in a strategic tie up with
N9 World Technologies and Resil.
Maak Impex Pvt Ltd. represents N9WTPL/Resil to promote anti-viral application in the packaging, interiors and paint sector in India and the Middle East!

Paints when upgraded with Antiviral technology can play a very important role in preventing retransmission of Bacteria and Viruses from the painted surfaces. Antiviral Paints can reduce the Viral and bacterial load on the treated surfaces by >99% and render them safe to touch. Such surfaces will not let the pathogens stay and grow on them hence make the walls and surfaces cleaner, safer and free from disease causing pathogens. All interior walls and floor surfaces when coated with anti-viral paints will ensure reduction in the virus sitting on surfaces and hence reduce transmission by 99+ %. This coating will also reduce the need to do continuous sanitizing of surfaces and hence the reduction of consumables and labour.

Anti-viral paints are a uniquely engineered, patented Silver based Antimicrobial technology that neutralizes harmful microbes on coated surfaces, giving them long lasting freshness and protection. This helps reduce the cross contamination and gives the user assurance of having a safe, protected & hygienic surface to touch.

Thanks to its unique technology – Silver is directly added into the Polymer. Due to the cross linking with the Polymer, this technology offers durable & long-term efficacy. It is the perfect solution to upgrade the existing products with value-added benefits and give peace of mind to the end consumers.

Core Benefits of Silver Technology :
The product is tested as per International Standards like JIS Z 2801 for Antibacterial and ISO 21702 for Antiviral properties to demonstrate proven efficacy against various microbes.
Antiviral & Antibacterial properties are important for coatings for various end uses

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing scenario where consumers are seeking protective & hygienic technologies, Smart Colours is the most reliable and trust-worthy solution. Smart colours in strategic alliance with Maak Impex has brought a truly antiviral paint product for protecting end user from Covid 19. So, the next time you think of a Painted Surface, ensure it has a “Seal of Safety” to protect your consumers against the unseen enemies, the microbes.